Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Costa Mesa, CA on Jun. 25, 2012   

I have been working out with Lori for 6 weeks now. I came to her in need of a body make over. I have had a child earlier this year and I couldn’t get the weight off alone. I went to Lori’s class and we wiped me into shape. I am better shape now then I was before the baby. If you don’t believe me come and see her in action. When you see her you will know exactly what I mean.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Golden, CO on Jun. 24, 2013   

What an amazing program! Lori is a great personal trainer and knows how to motivate and challenge you without overdoing it. The classes go by fast because they are always different, and I was happy that I was able to have someone tailor my work out to my personal fitness level. Can’t wait to do it again!!!

Rated Five Stars by Client in Denver , CO on Jan 15, 2015

I have worked with trainers before but  it was until I met LJ that I was able to  realize the results I could get and develop the courage to really go get them. She constantly was teaching me new things not only about working out and how to reach my physical goals but she also was able to reach out and teach me how to simply love my body and take care of it.  She created a workout plan as well as a nutrition plan for me which helped me go down 6 pant sizes in a matter of months, which I did not think was possible before I started working with her. She sincerely cares about her clients success and invests in those she works with, which is one of the reasons I think she is so successful. She will always be someone that I recommend others to use.